The key to a long lasting system is a good relationship between proper design & installation.

We do both – the same technicians who were there during the planning stage with clip board and calculators are there with their steel toe boots & installation equipment.


We are fully insured

We own and operate our own heavy equipment

We plumb our own systems

We install everything from the septic tank to the dispersal field

We take pride in being on time and on budget

We leave you with a clean and tidy finished product


Friendly, professional and on time. My new septic system went in without a hitch. By the book installation and they brought their own heavy equipment. These guys are pro’s”

Michael, Saanichton

Once installed, we commission the system. This is a process where all aspects are tested and recorded to establish a baseline. As built specifications are verified, locations of components are measured and recorded for as built drawings.


After installation we put together a final registration package that includes as built specifications, drawings, plus an Operations Manual and a Maintenance Plan. This, along with a Letter of Certification, is stamped and filed with the Health Authority. We also give you a digital and hard copy of this information along with your warranty and installation pictures.

* We are generally installing our own systems but if another contractor is installing our design, we are on site during key stages for oversight.