We are hiring! Would you like to join the team?

Working in the onsite wastewater industry requires a range of skills from ‘basic to highly-technical’ with wages ranging from $18 - $45 per hour, plus overtime and benefits.

Western Wastewater Systems (WWS) is a business that does it all, from maintenance and inspection to design and install. We don’t expect every employee to have every skill - we work as a team!

What are you good at & what do you like to do?

Wages start on a ‘trial basis’ relative to your estimated skill level and grow as you grow with us. We reward customer service, innovation, professionalism and we encourage continued education.

Basic-technical skills (skilled labor) $18 - $22

- A good general attitude. On time and eager to do the right thing for the client

- Good with a shovel and know what you are digging for

- A safe driver who can back-up a trailer (class 5 license)

- An understanding of basic tools

- A good organizer & safe worker

- Basic landscaping skills (know how to tidy up the site)

- The ability to take good pictures/notes and upload them to shared cloud programs

- Know your way around Greater Victoria & the abilty to use Google Maps

- A Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioner (ROWP) or desire to become one

Medium-technical skills (site manager) $22 - $30

- All of the above

- Skilled with septic & drain maintenance equipment (cameras, jetters, augers)

- Skilled in ‘outdoor’ plumbing work as well as excavating & single axle trucking

- An understanding of mechanical/electrical components (pumps & controls)

- An understanding of soils & hydrology (water & soil)

- An understanding of sewage & how to deal with it safely

- Good at research and somewhat mechanically inclined

- Skilled with survey & site layout (lasers, etc)

- Great communication skills

- A great on-site manager

High-technical skills (project manager) $30 - $45

- All of the above

- Great with a computer - organized and skilled with data management

- The ability to research & understand regulations, standards & guidlines (past & present)

- Skilled with Microsoft office, Adobe and drafting programs such as Smartdraw or CAD

- A very clear communicator both verbally and by email

- A great report writer

- A great problem solver & critical thinker

- An ability to understand context, look at things from multiple angles & give honest, objective opinions with clear recomendations & conclusions

- A high level understanding of math and engineering concepts

- A great project manager (organizer & scheduler)

- Great leadership skills and positive attitude

Want to join the team? Let’s discuss where you’d fit.

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